“Being in business, I wanted to learn better habits to be more productive with my time at work as well as at home, which would then improve my quality of life. Although I wanted to have good habits and attempted many times to stick to these habits, I found it extremely difficult to hold myself accountable all of the time. Once I fell off the habit train it was hard to get back on and when I did I fell straight back off.


Having Daniel as a life coach checking in on me each week, I know I have to face him and be analysed on how well I have performed, which is a constant reminder that I better do my HABITS!


This was the key point but also being in business there are many areas one wants to improve on but unsure where to start and how to structure them and then action. After speaking with Daniel, he helped add structure to my thoughts, put them in order of priority, create an action plan and again hold me accountable.


On top of this Daniel brings other tips and ideas that are new to me which are making it easier for me to hit my goals and remain focused.


My main objective is to be the best version of me.


Strongest, healthiest, wealthiest, thoughtful, loving version of me.


I don’t feel there is an end goal, just a continual journey of improvement.


So far the benefits I am seeing:
I am more conscious of how I spend my time.
I’m being more efficient, focused for longer.
Stacking habits together.
My motivation seems to be increasing every week.


I am training the most I have every trained and not far off the best shape of my life.


My home life has improved, I value the time I have with my children and actively want to do something educational or an activity outdoors.


My wife has a better understanding or what I am trying to achieve and sees the improvement in home life.
We are now planning things to do as a couple which we rarely do.


My success list is in order and have a clear idea of all activities I need to get done and a structure in how I attack them.


My mind is clear when I am away from work as everything is written down.


I am conscious of how addictive my phone is and the negative impact that has on my life at home and in business.


Admitting being addicted to the phone and getting the usage under control is probably the biggest thing that has helped me improve in most areas.


The negative impact that has at home is huge. Precious time wasted with family.


I’m more productive at work and have a clear picture of what my goals are for the day.


I can highly recommend Daniel’s services to anyone wishing to take their life to the next level”



“I went to see Daniel to see if I could do anything to help me with managing pain which is related to Ankylosing Spondylosis, as well as other ailments, which affect the body of a 55 year old man who put his body through hell as a young man. I was a member of the Parachute Regiment and whilst training for selection one of the parachute jumps resulted in 5 discs blown in my spine and subsequent surgical repair as well as other joint and muscle issues. I have since worked in the offshore industry and a mechanical technician, which has been hard on my body as well. After some talk about myself which included what I like, where I am in my life, what I can’t do (to which Daniel gave me one of his raised eyebrow lifts followed by “ok then, we’ll see what we can do about that”) we spoke about my pain how affects me, my family my work, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Daniel set about putting me ( my words) under, he took me on a journey which was incredible, we went into my body exploring and visualising, feeling the warmth spreading throughout my body, I suffer from cold feet and hands due to poor circulation and to feel this warmth spreading was marvellous. With this invigorated feeling we went to my spine visualising it growing stronger and becoming more flexible and pain free, and we then went to my place of safety and started visualising the things which make me happy the sounds, smells colours and textures, it was profound to say the least.


We have had several sessions using this and other techniques that Daniel uses and it has helped me significantly. I use this every day and prefer to do my deep relaxation meditation exercises around an hour before bedtime, which has vastly improved my sleep cycle which in turn brings benefits upon waking feeling refreshed and free from pain and feeling dreadful.


These sessions and techniques, as taught and coached by Daniel, have made a significant change to my overall wellbeing and can’t thank him enough.If you have problems the best thing you can do is talk to someone, I would recommend that person be Daniel, his reputation in his field, from everyone I’ve spoken too is huge and now I know why. Many many thanks Daniel from me and my family.


– Steve

“ I never thought I would be able to call myself a ‘non-smoker’, now I can….


I have tried a couple of times to give up before, using sheer willpower, but to no avail. I Have smoked for 18 years and would have embarrassingly considered myself a heavy smoker. I started as a teenager and at 34 thought enough is enough, I need to take back control. I have always been worried about not being able to achieve a non-smoker status. I was told to go give hypnotism a go and I thought why not, nothing to lose. I didn’t go into the session expecting too much and didn’t over think the outcome I just thought and I’d listen to see what Dan had to say.


Dan made me feel instantly comfortable in his company, which allowed me to relax. The whole process was more like therapy than anything else you might imagine. Daniel’s openness creates a safe place with no judgment so you can get on with the task at hand.


I never thought I would actually be able to tick a box on a form that says Do you smoke, NO? Now I can!


The whole process was invigorating, encouraging and enlightening. I would recommend this to anyone who smokes. Since the treatment, I can honestly say I haven’t battled with cravings, not once been tempted to go near a cigarette. Now I have control back in my life I won’t be giving it away to a cigarette. After 18 years I am a happy and proud non-smoker and able to enjoy my perfume that once was the rancid smell of stale smoke.”


– Anna

“I went to see Daniel Wellard for hypnotherapy for my fear of flying. Immediately he put me at ease as we chatted to begin with. Then we started the session.  I found I was able to drift into a very relaxed state quickly and easily. The hypnotherapy felt very calming and empowering.

Afterwards, I was amazed at how relaxed I was. I had a much better understanding of my fear and anxiety and how to control it.  I really felt like I could have stepped on to a plane and taken a flight with excitement,  there and then. I was actually looking forward to the journey and my holiday, without the dread I usually have.

The flights themselves were perfect. It was the first time I’ve enjoyed a flight. Not feeling the usual fear was like a weight had lifted. I honestly cannot wait till my next holiday now.

Thank you!! ”

– Michelle

“I had a hypnosis session with Daniel to see if he could help with my concentration and my application when I was playing my favourite pastime GOLF. Daniel was very professional in explaining to me the process and what my role in it was, during the process Daniel always was very reassuring also explaining what hopefully would come out of the treatment.


All I can say is that what I took away to the golf course after Dan’s treatment has been very beneficial, helping my concentration and application levels benefiting my performance on the course.  I have since consistently ranked higher in the club and won a competition outright!”


– Barry

“Daniel is a skilled practitioner and has been a tremendous help to me. I entered into my first session with a little trepidation, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but Daniel put me at ease right away. 


His method is constructive and applicable. After 2 sessions with Daniel, I found I was more relaxed day to day and my underlying issues that he worked on were improved. He also gave me tools to make me able to continue these improvements myself, which was very welcome.


Daniel’s manner is gentle and reassuring, and he is very adept at going to the heart of the problem. I highly recommend his services as a hypnotherapist.”


“I went to see Daniel to see if he could help me with my gambling addiction . I have in the past been to self help groups but unfortunately I found myself slip back into my habit . I was at first apprehensive about being hypnotised. After I had a session with Daniel I felt a great feeling of release , it’s very hard to explain the feeling but what I do know for one thing is that I have not slipped back into my old habits and feel good about myself again. I am now learning meditation. Cheers Daniel for all your help, the knock on effect has been tremendous.”


– Garry

“ I went to see Daniel for some motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle, after a chat with Daniel on some of my goals and expectations we had a hypnotherapy session.


After the one session, I had a deep focus on my goals and found myself making the right choices on my plate and a drive in the gym like never before.


I have lost in total 1.5 stone in 8 months and have increased muscle mass.


Huge thanks to Daniel at Dynamic Horizons!”  


“Thank you so much for helping me to overcome my fear of heights. Since our session, I have conquered my fears and dismissed them as totally irrational.

Earlier this year, I visited British Columbia and took a flight in a light aircraft, travelled on the top of a cable car, travelled on one of the highest and longest cable cars in the world and ziplined across Whistler mountain. I’m now planning a parachute jump and will one day jump from the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to tick these off of my bucket list.”


– Memish

“I was lucky enough to meet Daniel on an NLP Practitioner course and was able to work with him on various exercises for just a few short 10 minute periods. The work he did with me was truly compelling and advantageous to my self-belief, confidence and outlook of future prosperities. I could only imagine the benefits of seeing him for a full session! Highly recommend! 5*”


“I found out that Daniel had had some success with helping smokers quit through hypnotherapy so I thought I’d ask and see if he could help me break the habit of biting my nails, which I have done since I was as young as I can remember.
Daniel put me at ease straight away and helped me understand the process of how I was going to break the habit and after 2 successful sessions, I have completely stopped biting my nails which I never thought I’d be able to do as it was ingrained in me.

Can’t recommend enough. 5☆ “


– Rory

“I’d always been sceptical about hypnotherapy. Acupuncture, spiritual healers, faith healers and Chi too for that matter. I dismissed them all as senseless waste of people’s time. But then I was brought up in the Cold, grey, North East of England during the late 70’s. Hardship was an everyday occurrence, Jobs were scarce and everywhere you looked people had to just ‘get on with it’…READ FULL TESTIMONIAL”


“I can’t thank Daniel at Dynamic Horizons enough for what this man has done for me. I’ve been a gambler for nearly 30 years and ruined my life through this addiction. I decided to see Daniel to see if he could help me with hypnosis as I had already been to counselling many times and failed to beat my addiction. He was so easy to talk to I opened up to him and told him things I’ve never been able to tell anyone before, he just made me feel that comfortable. He then started with the hypnosis and after spending just a few hours with this man he managed to help me stop gambling. I never went a day without gambling but have not gambled for over 3 months now!! This might not seem like that long but to me this is massive, he definitely changed the way I think and feel about gambling and I honestly believe I won’t gamble again …. Thanks Daniel you’re the man!

Can’t recommend enough. 5☆ “


– Liam

“Myself and my girlfriend were both hypnotised by Daniel to stop smoking and weeks later we are still smoke free. Daniel was extremely patient and informative. As most people tend to, we had our doubts and concerns about hypnotherapy but Daniel explained everything and answered all our questions very clearly and patiently.

The whole process was well planned and structured and I awoke feeling refreshed. Since then I have been out drinking with lots of smokers and not once have I caved into the cravings. As Daniel said the cravings are there still but only very slightly and are surprisingly easy to ignore. I cannot recommend him enough. If you want to stop smoking, give Daniel a go.”


“Daniel recently worked with me in preparation for an iron man sporting event which i had been preparing for. Although I was physically in good shape Daniel gave me the tools to be mentally in the best possible shape I could be come race day. His methods removed doubt and anxiety from my mind and gave me a clear path to achieve my goals with confidence and an energy I didn’t have before. Thanks Daniel you were a huge help to my personal success.


– Dave

“After slowly gaining a little unwanted weight and finding it difficult to raise the motivation to get up and do something about it I approached Dan to see whether he could help. I spent some time with Dan discussing myself, my lifestyle and my goals. After a session of hypnosis, I was ready to reduce food potions and increase the amount exercise I did, and still do. I managed to lose the weight I wanted to lose and more importantly keep it off! Dans philosophy of work and reward worked well for me. I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time and would have no hesitation in recommending Dan to family and friends.”



“Having spent most of my adult life feeling anxious and stressed about my weight, I had a lengthy chat with Dan and had a hypnotherapy session which I found very relaxing and comforting. I have only had one session and I have not only shed 21 pounds but I also see a big difference in my relationship with food and my reactions to stressful situations. I wish I had done this years ago and would recommend Dan to everyone as I now feel so much better and he has really helped me.


– Rebecca

“Working with Dan has been a little like having a guardian angel on my shoulder. Forever encouraging even through slip ups. I would thoroughly recommend his unwavering support and dedication to helping me overcome my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) issues. Dan has helped me to believe that there will always be hope that I can change my path for the future.I can’t thank him enough.”



Wow!!!’ what can I say my mindset has totally changed since our session, everyone has noticed the change in my mood including myself! I still get the odd dull moment but remembering your guidance I totally clear my mind.
Top guy and made me feel at total ease and would recommend you to family and friends.


– Rhys

“I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel over last couple of years.
The sessions are uniquely customised to ones needs. He is compassionate, interested and listens carefully. He facilitates sessions in such a way ive felt I have a co pilot supporting me whilst navigating some difficult and challenging traumatic life events. Yet the hypnotheraputic healing process enabled me to address associated behavioural patterns in a way that is empowering, accessing creative resources within me. Additionally Daniel has a gift in crafting unique hypnotheraputic meditations that support in between sessions. I highly recommend him.
Thank you Daniel it’s been an interesting insightful and enlightening journey!”



“I came to see Dan feeling vulnerable and out of control. I had been noticeably depressed for about a year and i felt as though i was running out of options. We talked, shared, made notes, came up with a rough Idea about what I did and didn’t want. The clarity was great because I felt like I didn’t know anything about anything but all of a sudden we had a list of things to aim for. Then we did some breathing exercises, I started to meditate and Dan spoke to me about these positive new things, shared great knowledge and advice, and just made me see a bit clearer within myself. When I opened my eyes I actually felt taller! I feel better equipped for the stuff I’m going through in my life. I have new go-to breathing techniques to get me out of a rough patches and a daily to-do list to keep me grounded and aiming in the right direction. Times are on the up. Thank you, Dan.


– Toby

I came to Daniel as I was initially wanting to overcome my bad relationship with wine and to lose weight. I had spent a decade struggling on and off with this. I was also aware that I was struggling with my mental health from many years of trauma and abuse. In the end he helped me to learn that it was the trauma and abuse that had led me to weight gain and wine. Both self destructive traits to cope with the pain.

I went on an incredible journey of self discovery and forgiveness. He helped me to forgive myself and some of those who hurt me, that pain was holding me back in many ways. I was astounded to learn that the things that hold us back are not that far below the surface and we can all access it and face up to it.

I have had some major revelations on my journey and a huge weight has been lifted off my mind, body and soul. It has been nearly a year that I have not had any wine and it makes me extremely happy. I no longer turn to alcohol as a form of self harm and I am running again and slowly losing the weight.

These two things are what have been holding me back in my life and it has been a tough journey but I am eternally grateful to Daniel for his hard work and expertise.

I highly recommend Daniel and his services.