Working with the mind body connection to improve your health and wellbeing

Have you been diagnosed with a long term chronic illness or have you experienced a sudden illness?  Are you struggling to understand the hospital jargon and what this means for your future?


Have you been told by a medical professional that you have to make radical lifestyle changes to improve your health or chances of long term recovery?  Changes that, although you know you should make, just seem like an impossible task?


If you are in this situation it can understandably lead to a lot of fear and anxiety making an already stressful situation seem even worse. Worse still, the lifestyle changes you know you have to make are probably the very things that you have leaned on in stressful times before such as smoking, comfort eating or drinking a little too much leading to more fear, anxiety and even guilt.


You are not alone, a lot of people feel scared and nervous around hospitals as it is, let alone after a major event.  People often know exactly WHAT they need to change but are then left alone to figure out HOW to make those changes on their own.  


This is why Dynamic Horizons created the Meditrance program.

Meditrance can help you if you…

This list is not exhaustive so if you have a condition not mentioned above please do still get in touch for a free assessment as there is a good chance we can help.

  • Are scared or nervous of hospitals
  • Are anxious about awaiting test results
  • Are anxious following test results and a new frightening diagnosis
  • Are awaiting an operation or procedure
  • Want to promote your recovery following an operation or procedure
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have a cardiac condition such as a recent heart attack, heart failure, angina, or an arrhythmia.
  • Have diabetes
  • Are obese
  • Have IBS
  • Have had a life-changing injury such as an amputation or spinal injury
  • Have cancer
  • Have a multiple sclerosis
  • Have a respiratory condition such as COPD or emphysema.
  • Have any chronic disease
  • Have had an acute traumatic injury resulting in stress, PTSD on top of physical injury
  • Are in chronic pain
  • Arthritis and joint conditions

The Meditrance program is a combination of decades of medical and hypnotherapy experience brought together with a love of psychology and a true desire to help people.  


It consists of 6 bespoke sessions tailored specifically to your needs employing the latest hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to enable you to make the vital mental shifts that can lead to lasting lifestyle changes that you want and need to make.  


Each session includes a professional health check tracking your blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturations so that you can witness first hand the powerful effects that relaxation and focused thought can have on your health.


Through this transformational journey we will help you identify the areas of your lifestyle that are most in need of change and that are most impacting your health. We will then find and dissolve the limiting beliefs, old attitudes and redundant thought processes that have been holding you prisoner using specialist hypnoanalytical techniques.  


You will then learn the tools necessary to replace old habits with new healthy habits with ease, as well as learning fantastic relaxation and visulisation techniques.  


We use tried and tested techniques to shift your thoughts, feelings and behaviors regarding your health.  This can lead to new beliefs that will influence your health potentially leading to the profound and lasting changes that you want for your future.

Where Healthcare Meets Hypnotherapy

The Meditrance program is a cobination of decades of medical and hypnotherapy experience brought together with a love of psychology and a true desire to help people.  

Day by day the evidence base is growing to support just how powerful the mind body connection is scientifically proving that our thoughts can, and do influence our physical health and wellbeing.  By taking charge of our mindset, thoughts and feelings we can begin the shift from illness to health, potentially enjoying faster recovery and ultimately a better quality of life.


Dynamic Horizons Meditrance programs are bespoke and tailored completely to your individual needs.   They are not designed to replace traditional medical treatment in any way, or claim to be able to cure your medical condition. They are designed to work in conjunction with your current medical treatment program to bring about the mental shifts necessary to improve your mindset, improve your emotional health, and your lifestyle choices leading to a holistic improvement in your overall health and wellbeing.


This truly is a transformational program designed specifically for those who are suffering from ill health, wish to take responsibility and are committed to making the lifestyle changes they know they need to but just can’t seem to … until now.


If you have been advised by a medical professional that you need to make lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, losing weight, eating a healthier diet, or implementing an exercise routine and know you should, but just can’t seem to make that mental shift to break the old habits and start new healthier habits then Dynamic Horizons Meditrance program is designed specifically for you.


Please contact us to discuss your case and see if Dynamic Horizons Hypnotherapy’s Meditrance program could benefit you today.

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