Hypnotic Suggestion


Hypnotic suggestion or clinical hypnosis is the hypnotherapy most people think of when hypnosis is mentioned.


After an initial chat to find out what you do and don’t want, you will be relaxed into a calm and peaceful trance state of mind and given suggestions to help change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


You will be aware throughout the whole process, but in a comfortable hypnotic trance.  You will be able to accept the suggestions that you do want and will naturally reject anything that you do not want.  You will be in complete control the whole time.


Hypnotic Suggestion is ideal for breaking habits such as Stopping Smoking, Nail-Biting, and Hair-Pulling (Trichotillomania), or boosting your confidence before a public speech, or with assistance with passing exams or driving test.


It can also be used for pain control, childbirth, IBS, boosting your immune system and a range of other medical applications, though medical examination with your GP may be required prior to such treatment.


Hypnotic suggestion is also great for general relaxation.


Hypnotic Suggestion CAN be permanent but it depends on the nature of the issue. If the suggestions ‘stick’ enough to permanently change your inner belief(s), then the results will be long-lasting.


However, if it is used as a short-term fix to help you get through a situation, then the results may be short-term as well, lasting perhaps a few weeks or so, depending on the individual circumstances.


(For more emotional issues, we would usually recommend a course of Hypno-Analysis.)


Hypnotic suggestion (sometimes called Clinical Hypnosis) typically requires 1 -3 sessions, but it does vary from person to person.