Hypnoanalysis is probably one of the kindest, quickest and most effective forms of therapy available in the world today for the resolution of personal emotional and psychological problems such as Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Phobias, Eating Disorders, Relationship Issues, Sexual Problems, Lack of Confidence, Poor Performance, Public Performance.


…Or anything where your thoughts and feelings are creating emotions that impact on your behaviour or experience.


Hypno-analysis helps to resolve the real root of the issue and underlying cause of the problem by combining methods drawn from a wide range of psychotherapeutic approaches – and often leads to permanent beneficial changes.


Sometimes hypno-analysis can work very quickly, often in just a few sessions, but it really does depend upon the individual situation. Usually, you would expect to attend for a course of 6 – 8 sessions as an average, but can be more or a lot less.  The course of treatment will be tailored specifically to you and designed to resolve your issue as quickly, efficiently and kindly as possible.


Hypno-analysis will essentially give you a complete “emotional clear-out” – setting you free of old ideas and old feelings that may have been holding you back or causing problems for years.


Most people going through a course of hypno-analysis discover that not only do their issues get resolved, but also their personal and working lives take off in new and exciting ways as well.


You are still YOU at the end but usually a much happier, relaxed and more confident you.