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with Hypnotherapist Daniel Wellard
Dan Wellard - Dynamic Horizons

Meet Daniel


Hello, My name is Daniel Wellard and I have over half a decade intensive study and practice invested in the hypnotic arts, 2 decades as a health care professional and 20 + years experience of meditation and mindfulness techniques.  I am extremely passionate about helping people and truly believe it is my calling.



The mind is a terrible master but a wonderful servant.


We specialise in combining hypnotherapy, meditation, NLP and other powerful mindset techniques to empower you. The definite aim being to give you control over your mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing once more.


Along with general hypnotherapy services we have a unique insight into health care and also offer a bespoke service called “Meditrance.” This service is specifically designed to assist healing, help with pain control and relieve any form of health anxiety you may currently be experiencing.


Most people pay attention to what they think but never give a thought to how they think.  I can help you take control of your mind and focus it on the things you do want allowing you to move away from the things you don’t.


What we think influences how we feel, how we feel, in turn, influences our decisions, behaviours, actions and even our health. By thinking differently we can feel differently and achieve different states of mind, leading to new feelings, behaviours, and vastly improved states of health and wellbeing.


If you want to feel lighter, free of, or just more relaxed about unwanted feelings I can help.


If you want to feel more determined, focused and able to access the right state at the right time I can help.


If you want to assist your physical healing from the inside out and achieve a state of wellbeing, comfort and positivity for the future I can help.


If you are ready to overcome an addiction of any sort I can help.


If you want to be free of a fear or phobia I can help.


If you want to improve your fitness level or train for a specific sporting event I can help.


If you wish to learn meditation and mindfulness techniques I can help 


Call today to set up an appointment and I am sure we can work together to find the right tools for you to take control of your mind and achieve the results that you want.

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